Hampstead Heathers

Hampstead Heath, London

September 2011

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Coming up this Tuesday.. let’s go to Hampstead Heath, London!

Andrea DiCenzo, photographer

Hampstead Heath, London

September 2011

..want more? check back again later today for the full entry..

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Place des Vosges & Pétanque

Paris, France

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I put a spell on you..

Happy almost full moon and Happy Friday

I hope you are all doing something fitting to this rainy night with a bright moon peering about overhead.

Rodeo Cove, Marin Headlands

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How to be.. (Thanks Robert Adams, yet again)

“..The second time I talked with Garry Winogrand, and the last, was during an informal lunch at the Frankel Gallery in San Francisco. Photographers, curators, and teachers had seated themselves on the carpeted floor of the gallery’s office, a room suffused with indirect natural light; conversation was animated as people shared their enthusiasm for pictures and enjoyed French bread and wine. Winogrand had to leave early to catch a plane, but before the party closed in over the space he’d occupied there was visible a humorously untidy ring of bread crumbs where he’d been. He had, as he did when he photographed, turned to everyone, taking pleasure in their company and in the good food. It makes me smile to think of him there in that halo made from the staff of life.”

– Robert Adams, from his essay, ‘Colleagues’

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As I lay here with a fire in the background..

..I’m all curled up in bed, ready for a heavy content sleep, and I can hear the fire in the living room crackle softly, filling the house with warmth, I can hear my friends’ breathing already heavy into sleep, or so I can imagine/feel it from beyond the open door-frame. Orange licks of firelight tease their way almost unnoticed across the wall a reminder of the warmth of the night, an evening spent in the company of 3 spectacular women indulging on good company good food good drink and good musicians live*.

Mendocino, April 2011

Full on into the colder seasons now, with Autumn finally showing a triumphant and spectacular sight to behold, and laying here tonight with this night so close and closing down around me, I find myself thinking of another cozy house.. carried on my way to sleep by a ring of good women gathered around a warm fire in the winter months earlier this year, and then waking up to a glorious early forest morning. Then I was a guest in her home, tonight she is cocooned in a blanket for a sleep cycle in front of my warm little fire. The locations may change, but the quality of person and root elements stay the same, reminding me yet again it so often isn’t where you are, but what you are doing and who with that provide moments of consequence. Yeah, yeah, corny, but true.

* although, for future reference, I do not recommend the Fox Theater in Oakland for sound quality, and think I’m going to make a habit of avoiding going to shows here even when the line up is tantalizing. not worth it. too boom-y.

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Night at Truman Brewery, East London

Truman Brewery & Rough Trade East

East London, England

October 2011

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