Favoured Fancies

   “Scrutinized with an anthropologist’s eye, two trends are emergent in (Ashley Jordan Gordon’s) pictures recording a particularly stylish and occasionally narcissistic tribe of East Enders… the second is the influence of the clothing of Londoners of years gone, apparent either in the wearing of old clothes, like the girl in granny’s tweed cost in Bishopsgate, or through reference to styles of earlier times such as the literary chap outside Leila’s Cafe with the elaborately tied neckerchief of a nineteenth century student.”

              – the gentle author, of the renown Spitafields Life

London, England

September & October 2011


About jordangordon

Ashley Jordan Gordon is a freelance photographer currently based out of San Francisco, California. Ashley works in Portrait and Editorial photography, as well as being trained and still working in Documentary and Fine Art. Some of Gordon's more notable accomplishments include being exhibited in the UK's National Portrait Gallery for the Photographic Portrait Prize, and being featured on National Geographic. She graduated from University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Environmental Studies and an emphasis in Documentary Photography in 2007. She is available for assignment, either domestic or abroad. Website: http://www.ashleyjordangordon.com/ All original images and words on this website are © copyrighted and sole property of Ashley Jordan Gordon –these images shall not be used for any reason nor shall they be reproduced without the expressed consent of Ashley Jordan Gordon
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