Danger Quotes/Quotes from my Cousin’s Kid, pt. 1

My cousin (we’ll call her Sarah for anonymity’s sake) has a son who is now 6, we’ll call him by his middle name, Danger (yes, my cousins really are awesome enough to do that so ‘Danger’ can say “..but my middle name is Danger.” Then again my full name rhymes, so basically my whole family is just rad). But moving forward, ever since Danger could talk, there have been hilarious things coming out of his mouth. And Sarah has been smart enough to year after year continue writing these gems down… I think its high-time Danger Quotes get more air time… and here we start Quotes from my Cousin’s Kid (perhaps I should instead call them Danger Quotes?) I’ll start digging out some of the old riotously funny ones from Sarah, but we’ll start with a few introductions via some of the more recent posts/quotes I could find:

1. Danger: “Mom, remember when we were on vacation and I had the push pop and then    said goodnight to the adults and then you said ‘Where did that kid come from?’ Maybe it was from the class in the playroom. And I think I really am one of those blonde guys with arrows from Lord With The Rings. Do you think I am??”

Sarah: “Are you having a stroke son?”

2. Sarah: Someone says he can’t sleep. Someone is excited for vacation. Someone’s dad slipped him some jellybeans at bedtime. That someone is laying next to me humming loudly..

Meet Danger.

3.  Sarah: “..Babies squealing all day. And just overheard from one brother (Danger) to another, ‘You bit the wrong kid, baby!!’ “

More photos coming soon.. been busy with work and preparing for my trip (details coming) and also after much gentle pushing from many of the people in my life, I’m going to expand this blog into more of my writing/things that I like, since there has been a loud cry to hear about those things as well. And since I’m almost done making a new website (hoorah!) that will come with a more ‘strictly business’ style photo-blog sharing. But more thoughts are always welcome.. what would all of you like to see/not see?



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Ashley Jordan Gordon is a freelance photographer currently based out of San Francisco, California. Ashley works in Portrait and Editorial photography, as well as being trained and still working in Documentary and Fine Art. Some of Gordon's more notable accomplishments include being exhibited in the UK's National Portrait Gallery for the Photographic Portrait Prize, and being featured on National Geographic. She graduated from University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Environmental Studies and an emphasis in Documentary Photography in 2007. She is available for assignment, either domestic or abroad. Website: http://www.ashleyjordangordon.com/ All original images and words on this website are © copyrighted and sole property of Ashley Jordan Gordon –these images shall not be used for any reason nor shall they be reproduced without the expressed consent of Ashley Jordan Gordon
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