Honest Scrap!

I’ve won another award! My little Anakapuana, dear friend and polaroid queen, has given me an Honest Scrap! award.

Thank you’s are due to Ana Heller, of the hypnotist collector. This a great blog filled with an abundance of strictly polaroids, a rare sight for one such as myself who harbors a deep love for polaroid photos. Not only is this blog enjoyable, but I’m fairly certain it has the best name out there in this crazy web of computer mystery. As soon as I heard of the site’s existence I promptly wrote Ana stating that it was a good thing we were old friends and that I still like her, because otherwise I would be plotting ways to get my paws all over that domain name. Turns out it is an equal pleasure that it remains in Ana’s ownership, because that means that I get to click on its name often to check what new adventures she has instant-snapped, and it never fails to put a smile on my face.


But back to the award! Because there are rules and secrets to be divulged..

The guidelines for an Honest Scrap award are as follows:
1. Say thanks and give a link to the presenter of the award. (check!)
2. Share “10 Honest Things” about myself.
3. Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
4. Tell those 7 people they’ve been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving.

Ten honest things about me:

1. My name and thus that of this blog is Ashley Jordan Gordon. It is funny, but its not a joke. My middle name is Jordan because it is my Mom’s maiden name. My parents thought I would just use a ‘J.’ but not only do I find it brilliant, and helpful for having people remember me (and hopefully thus my business), but it stands in tribute to my mother who is such an important and influential part of my life, and to me it is essential that she too be represented in my name.

2. I grew up part-time in Hawai’i, first on the Big Island and then Moloka’i. Most of my friends know this about me, but what they don’t know is that as much as I feel tied deeply to California and my the places I was raised there, my heart is tied to our old home in Moloka’i in ways that could never be replicated. We no longer live there (which still breaks my heart a little over and over and over again) so it is a secret place for me now, a place where I let myself go when everything around me gets to be too much. I won’t go into more detail than that on what I see because it is deeply personal.

3. I have deleted two stories now for no. 3 that I thought would be funny to share, especially after serious no. 2, but decided I shouldn’t because I’m afraid they make me seem wanton for writing them in a public blog. They are funny, but probably best understood in oral retellings and best left for close and personal friends.

4. I’ve been teaching myself to play the ukulele. I’m still embarrassed to play around others, especially my musically talented friends.

5. I really wish I could sing extraordinarily and beautifully, and that I had a better natural ear for playing music.

6. Once when I was 13 I fell in the Seine in Paris. Yup.

7. I’ve seen a shark whilst swimming underwater 5 feet away from me. I stayed calm then, and then freaked out the next day when I saw a small black octopus come out of the rocks some 15 feet underwater below me. Delayed reaction?

8. Someday while still young I want to work as a deckhand on a boat in the Caribbean. I want to live out on the beautiful water, but also want to test myself against the physical rigors and demands of such a job. Another way of seeing what I am made of.

9. I adore being out and about early in the morning but also have a penchant for staying up late at night, which makes me desire sleeping in. These two wrestle back and forth a lot.

10. “I am an incorrigible Peeping Tom”  ..John Steinbeck said it, but it is true for me too.   ..and I mean that in the modern usage of the term, not the clinical, lascivious sense.

And to pay it forward, my 7 Honest Scrap awards go to! :

1. Andrea DiCenzo

2. LoveBryan

3. CoolHunting

4. Get Lost Daily

5. Sweetheart Fever

6. Mirror Error

7. World Hum

And my honorary 8th Honest Scrap award goes to.. My cousin Sarah’s TotSpot entries for her son Isaac. It is only an honorary mention because its not accessible to the public (I believe she has to invite you) so I wouldn’t want to tease you with how HILARIOUS, and what a genuinely damn good writer Sarah is in my awards if I couldn’t show it all the way through. I think it is amazing that she is doing such a thorough job documenting what happens – journal entries, video, pictures – and what she herself feels and goes through in raising Isaac. They will cherish it forever. But, if it WAS  public blog, it would DEFINITELY be in the top 7. xo

— Ashley


About jordangordon

Ashley Jordan Gordon is a freelance photographer currently based out of San Francisco, California. Ashley works in Portrait and Editorial photography, as well as being trained and still working in Documentary and Fine Art. Some of Gordon's more notable accomplishments include being exhibited in the UK's National Portrait Gallery for the Photographic Portrait Prize, and being featured on National Geographic. She graduated from University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Environmental Studies and an emphasis in Documentary Photography in 2007. She is available for assignment, either domestic or abroad. Website: http://www.ashleyjordangordon.com/ All original images and words on this website are © copyrighted and sole property of Ashley Jordan Gordon –these images shall not be used for any reason nor shall they be reproduced without the expressed consent of Ashley Jordan Gordon
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