I love East London – Weekend Bounty

Phew!! Welcome to August guys! Can you believe we are so far into 2009 already? I can’t.. I was in the shower Saturday morning and realized that my birthday is on Wednesday – woah!! Anyway, this weekend turned out to be a most excellent way to usher in one of my favorite months of the year (and no, not because it includes my birthday. I was the kid who was sad and cried on her birthday because I was afraid that in getting older I would get further away from being a crazy imagination riddled free child. ..Good thing I’ve realized that that doesn’t really have to end..)

That spirit of letting loose showed up in full happy force this Saturday.. even spurts of torrential rain couldn’t seem to get the people too down where I was, because I was at FIELD DAY in Victoria Park! FIELD DAY is a one day music festival in east London, and it was AWESOME! Alice Shyy and I went and covered it for Strangeglue, so we spent the day running from one great band to the next, and it was one of those days where I was thinking, “Yes! I love my job!” over and over again. Full access pass to take pictures? Check. An up-for-it, sure-you-can-take-my-picture-ooouu-am-i-going-to-be-in-the-media/famous-cool!-and-hey-we-are-all-here-to-have-fun-sure-thing-cheeeese! mentality pervasive with festival-goers and artists alike the whole day? Check. Access to the pit, so I can get nice shots and then be front and center to see these awesome bands with a clear view, and from just a few feet away? Fun friends within the grounds to hang out with throughout? Check and check! This blog post is in fact a mini-break from the mass of editing from yesterday.. some of the bands I got to see and/or shoot: John Hopkins, King Charles, Fanfarlo, Errors, Aeroplane, Plugs, Final Fantasy, The Thing, Juana Molina, Wild Beasts, The Big Pink, Santigold, Malcolm Middleton, Four Tet, Mogwai, and Toumani Diabate.

Look for the photos to come soon!

Then… yup, yup, another Sunday, and thus another great day in East London. Woke up early, went to Fred Gallery on Vyner St. (where my flatmate Andrea now works) to check out the last day of the current show – which had some beautiful pieces by Renie Spoelstra. Then lunch on Broadway Market where I ended up chatting with a Brit, German, Frenchman, and Welsh-woman who sat next to me. All very nice, and made me again realize that part of why I love London is how you get to meet people from all over the world, all with such varying life stories. After a little walk along the canal I took a  jaunt over to the Columbia Road Flower Market, then home again to keep working on FIELD DAY photo editing.. Check out my awesome bounty from the day below. Total cost: 5 quid. Niiice.

Sunday Bounty (Aug. 2, '09) (1 of 2)

Sunday Bounty (Aug. 2, '09) (2 of 2)

The awesome boat print is on loan from my mate Chris, who is currently jetting around France with his French lady love – and I mean that literally – as a kid she got her pilot’s license (she grew up around a small airfield I think?) and has a small byplane she flies when visiting home. So cool. C. Road today also hosted a sweet set of buskers.. 1 Scotsman and 2 Brits, banjo, guitar, standup bass, and a set of harmonicas. Great harmonies and big-time folk tunes.. took me back to California, and listening to some good friends as they played music together.. in particular I had a flashback from January, sitting in the cottage I lived in at night, with the little blue & white tiled fireplace (yeah!) lit for light whilst listening to Chloe, Jordan, Sam, and their friend (Patrick?) play folk and blues together. The music wasn’t super similar today but just by hearing the live folk that is where it took me…

How was your start-to-August weekend?





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Ashley Jordan Gordon is a freelance photographer currently based out of San Francisco, California. Ashley works in Portrait and Editorial photography, as well as being trained and still working in Documentary and Fine Art. Some of Gordon's more notable accomplishments include being exhibited in the UK's National Portrait Gallery for the Photographic Portrait Prize, and being featured on National Geographic. She graduated from University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Environmental Studies and an emphasis in Documentary Photography in 2007. She is available for assignment, either domestic or abroad. Website: http://www.ashleyjordangordon.com/ All original images and words on this website are © copyrighted and sole property of Ashley Jordan Gordon –these images shall not be used for any reason nor shall they be reproduced without the expressed consent of Ashley Jordan Gordon
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