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For whoever stumbles into this place..While it’s nice to look at notes from the past sometimes, come see me and my current photography at my present blog,




    Ashley Jordan Gordon

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New Blog

My blog is continuing on at a new home..

Come Visit!


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Building on Up..

Hello folks,

As you can see I haven’t posted on here in a while now… many of you might have attributed this silence to the Thanksgiving holiday, and while that is part of it, it is more due to exciting developments… I am building a new blog.

After much deliberation as to whether or not I should continue posting on here until the new one is completed has resulted in my deciding that not posting is the best choice. One of the main impetuses for this step forward is that I do not like how small my photographs are seen on this blog. Every photographer has a choice to make when printing and preparing an exhibition of their work – what size will these pieces be best seen at? Some do best small, forcing people to pull in and really look for the details, the nuances, the need for small size brings you physically closer into the photograph’s plane of existence, and thus benefits the piece. But, this is not an exhibition wall and in either case, my photographs are not that. When I saw my photograph ‘Girl on Kingsland Road’ hanging in the National Portrait Gallery, my piece was printed large (and looked great hanging there!), but thinking back on it now, I can happily envision it being in that museum even bigger. Entire museum wall size bigger. So big you could feel like you were about to walk into that scene bigger.

This is  not to say that I think every one of my photographs should be this size. Certainly not. But, since one of the largest forms of frequent communication for a photographer’s art these days is via the internet, I think its safe to say that my frustration with my pieces being shown in a mere few inches, and the desire to maximize my viewing size actuality is not only sane, but essential.

Ideally, I’d insist that every one of you would be required to have a large monitor and a hi-res screen that is newly calibrated so you could experience my photos as I hope for you to when I press ‘upload.’ Alas I cannot, and isn’t it widely said that the artist’s intention is not what is important, but how it is perceived? Following in that vein, I am building a new, clean, beautiful format, bigger-pictured blog so as to help me communicate on here what I am seeing to you as best I can, and then you can do with it what you will.
There are far too many moments I am too excited to share from my last few months of shooting and traveling to not do them justice. So until then, adieu, and get excited! I’ll have bucketloads to share on a daily basis once the new “JordanGordon” is up and running.

So please, in the meantime, be patient, and I hope you don’t forget to come looking for me again soon. (You can keep in touch and up to date by visiting and/or following my Facebook and Twitter pages)



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Mini Movers and Shakers

Saydee & Molly

Two of my Summer Beauties

Pacifica, 2011

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Happy Rainy Sunday…

Rain Laden West Marin

Northern California

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Favoured Fancies

   “Scrutinized with an anthropologist’s eye, two trends are emergent in (Ashley Jordan Gordon’s) pictures recording a particularly stylish and occasionally narcissistic tribe of East Enders… the second is the influence of the clothing of Londoners of years gone, apparent either in the wearing of old clothes, like the girl in granny’s tweed cost in Bishopsgate, or through reference to styles of earlier times such as the literary chap outside Leila’s Cafe with the elaborately tied neckerchief of a nineteenth century student.”

              – the gentle author, of the renown Spitafields Life

London, England

September & October 2011

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Kenwood Frames

Kenwood House

London, September 2011

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